Monday, 8 July 2013

Nokia "Amber" Lumia update will add support for Bluetooth 4.0

According to latest leaked document, Nokia will provide Amber update for all WP8 Lumia model next month. The upcoming "Amber" update will add Bluetooth 4.0 feature support for Lumia 520,620,720 and also provide FM radio function for them.

The sources said that, after the "Amber" upgrade, Lumia models will increase support for low-power Bluetooth technology. This can be used for equipment of heart rate monitors, fitness monitors and temperature sensors.

In addition to Bluetooth 4.0 and FM radio support, Smart Camera will also be accompanied by the this upgrade. Thus, the "Amber" update improve the photo taking by the mobile phone significantly.

The leaked document show that the picture quality improve a lot by this upgrade. The picture is more clear, colors are more full.


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