Saturday, 6 July 2013

Moto X Phone will be released on July 11?

Today, there are a number of news said that Motorola will released the long-rumored X Phone, the Moto X, on July 11

The message came from the CNET tech news reporter Leo Laporte. He said that Google has invited 50 reporters to participate in mini-conference from the July 10 to July 11. And Leo Laporte is one of an invited reporters .

So, Leo Laporte think that the protagonist of the conference will be Moto X.

However, the CNET has updated their news, said that although they are guessing Moto conference next week will release Moto X, the focus of the conference is to emphasize that the Motorola becomes a company under Google.

Let's looking forward to the conference on July 11.


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