Tuesday, 9 July 2013

IOS7 Beta 3 version: Interface fine tuning

Apple just released iOS 7 third developer beta version. There are many small adjuestments on the system interface design.

Font redesign:

IOS beta 3 choose a new font type. It uses the "normal" Helvetica Neue font. Therefore, you will discovered the font in your SMS interface seems to be being bolded. This change is appied to in weather, nortification and settings interfaces.

Status bar:

On the lock screen, the icon size in the status bar including signal strength, WiFi, Bluetooth, batteries has been increased.

Lock screen :

When playing music, lock screen can also display the time.

Calendar :

In calendar mode, there will be gray dots when there are events on that date .

Siri :

Siri's voice sounds more natural now.

Download Animation :

When download and install the application, the progress indicator change to a clock style.

Control Center :

AirPlay can display the currently connected device.


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